• new universes
  • new possibilities
  • new results
  • new markets
  • new business
is to be disruptive
Networks that connect and oppose each other, forming a path that does not depend on just one destination.
From decentralization, the path arises where the user has control over what he consumes, plays, watches, create and own. Explore your paths and expand your vision with us. We are ready to create along with you the trajectory that will take your brand to a new era of connection.

The Jump

Our mission is to build disruptive and transformative projects, so that brands explore their digital possibilities and expand their communities.

Our explorers and strategists are ready to create experiences through game design, blockchain platforms, performance marketing and much more.

At the center of evolution, disruption.


Disruptive Projects

Our team is ready to take your idea to the future. We are specialists in Web 3 and in marketing of performance and we can help you reach more people through blockchain games, sales platforms and strategies that use the best of technology to your advantage.


We build the solution that your business needs, in a personalized way. Our portfolio includes platforms and systems for you to sell more or game design and assets digital media to reach a new audience. Check out our work and let's talk!




The latest news from Web3, straight from our crew. Discover the most exciting things happening in blockchain technology, metagames and more.

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